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Congratulations to Dee Dee-Anne Robertson Jenny Bostock & Sue McKenzie on Winning the Algester $6000 Ladies Triples.

2nd Place to Jo Joanne Stockdale Kim Jackson & Debbie Farley.

3rd place Louise Witton Brenda Thompson & Brenda Balchin.

4th Place Jackie Mcwhinney Shillington Gail Waitai & Lesley Behnke.

5th Place Tessa Smedley Dawn Warren & Sheridan Gollan. 6th place Maree Gibbs, Frances Craig & Adel Pershouse.

6th Round Winners Ann Russell, Linda Morish & Jenny Blundell. 

Played over 2 days with 6 games of 18 ends it went down to the final round with 8 teams all in contention to win.   

 20. Dee Ann Robertson 1st ladies Triples 20. Jo Stockdale 2nd Ladies Triples 20. Louise Whitton 3rd Triples 20. Jackie Shillington 4th ladies triples

 20. Tessa Smedley 5th Ladies Triples 20. Maree Gibbs 6th ladies triples 20. round 6 winners


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